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Capital Region TWC News: Baby Boomers Opting for Nonsurgical Micro-Needling

Originally aired on TWC News with Marcie Fraser

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.03.02 PMEach year more people are spending more money trying to rejuvenate the skin to look younger and now there’s a new procedure using a pen, it’s called micro-needling.

As the number of baby boomers increase so is the interest in turning back the clock on aging to look good and feel better.

“I’m getting some age spots are brown spots and some red pigmentation so I want that a little boost to my skin,” said Kathleen Middleton.

What Middleton is looking for is not in the form of surgery. Instead she opted for a nonsurgical procedure called micro-needling.


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.02.51 PM

“Micro-needling is a procedure where we use a hand held tool to gently pin prick the skin,” said Marika Papa, aesthetician.

The hand-held device is called Rejuvapen which contains a cluster of nine tiny needles that pulsate over the skin.

“We are intentionally injuring the skin. When we injure the skin, it rapidly sends a signal to your dermis and quickly reproduce new collagen; you’ve been injured. It is great for people with pit marks, fine lines, brown spots,” said Papa.

Micro-needling may sound painful but a topical numbing cream provides relief. The tiny needles penetrate the face deeper in certain sections of the face.

“We have a gauge on it where we decide if it goes .25 millimeters around the forehead head or even 1.5 mm on the face, so we adjusted as we go around the eyes in the mouth,” said Papa.

The procedure takes about an hour. There is no down time unfortunately not everyone is a candidate.

“Not great for a diabetic or rosacea, but it is great any time of the year as long as sunscreen is applied the next few days,” said Papa.

In before and after pictures you can see fewer brown spots, less wrinkling and smoother skin.

“It’s great. My skin feels smoother when you look up close, I have a magnifying mirror that I use every morning, and some of the fine lines are really less noticeable,” said Middleton.

How long do the results last? Kathleen can expect lasting results for up to several years. It’s recommended you receive three or four treatments with one month apart. It’s approximately $300 a procedure.

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