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How healthy are you aging?

To honor September’s healthy aging month, the girls at Spa One wanted to put together some of their best tips for aging beautifully. People eat healthy and work out regularly to keep their heart and body healthy but what do you do to keep your skin happy and healthy? Whether you’re in your 20’s, 40’s, 50’s or even 70’s, it’s important to take steps to protect your skin to ensure you age gracefully! Vanessa is our certified lash addict at Spa One so we knew her tip was going to be lash related. “What most people don’t know is that … Continue reading

Welcome Brittney!

We are excited to announce that we have added a new esthetician to our growing Albany medical spa! Brittney is a recent transplant from Sierra Vista, Arizona where she worked as a medical esthetician and certified laser technician at a local plastic surgeon’s office. She brings 10 years of experience to the Spa One team and specializes in microneedling, customized skincare treatments, laser hair removal, dermaplaning and spray tans. She has an aggressive approach to skincare and prides herself on her ability to intertwine medical grade treatments with luxury spa services. While her services are result-driven, she also focuses on … Continue reading

How to Keep Your Face Flawless in the Summer Heat

This 90+ degree weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and us ladies at Spa One know the toll it has been taking on our skin. Whether it’s clogged pores, sunburns or makeup melting down your face we feel your pain, which is why we wanted to compile some of our best tips and favorite tricks for maintaining that beautiful summer glow, no matter how hot it gets! In terms of skincare, it’s essential that you create a consistent regime that is inclusive of facial treatments as well as products that are customized to address your needs. Marika says “microneedling … Continue reading

Out with the old, in with the bold…

What’s new in the world of lashes? VOLUMATION! I have great news for all my lash addicts out there! We are now certified to perform the newest technique for creating the most luscious lashes you have ever seen! This new innovative approach utilizes multiple eyelash extensions which are applied to a single natural lash to create depth, volume and texture like you have never seen before. Each application is customized specifically to meet the needs of my clientele. To achieve the look you want, we use the Xtreme lash calculator which helps us in determining the length and thickness that … Continue reading

Permanent Makeup: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I have been a professional makeup artist for over 10 years now but it was my love for art that really inspired me to seek out new opportunities within my industry. Luckily, I get to work with board certified surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group, who are constantly embracing new technologies and techniques for enhancing patients’ appearances, so naturally it was a piece of cake to convince them to send me to Look Image Academy in Rhode Island. It was there that I received specialized training to learn the correct methods of applying advanced permanent eyebrow makeup such as the … Continue reading

Tips for Finding the Perfect Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is no doubt one of the most special days of your life. It’s something most of us have been thinking about since the time we were 5 and if you’re anything like me you have a secret Pinterest board with thousands of pins all dedicated to that glorious 5 hour event that you’ve been planning your whole life. While the date, venue, and first dance song are probably things you have been thinking about for a while, one of the more “last minute” decisions I see brides make is in relation to their makeup.​ Your makeup is … Continue reading

Why Microneedling is my newest obsession and it should be yours too!

One of my favorite aspects of my job is that I get to learn. Everyday, I learn about new procedures, new techniques and new products that give my client’s the best possible skin that they can have. I have seen new technologies become game changers in how we treat people for a wide range of problems. In fact, we just recently introduced a new procedure that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Microneedling. Well, to start off, microneedling isn’t necessarily “new,” but the microneedling technology we have available to us today is what makes this procedure so extraordinary. At … Continue reading

Tattoo Regret? It Doesn’t Have to Last Forever

Spa One Introduces the Availability of Enlighten! At some point in time, each and every one of us has made a somewhat questionable decision in our lives, and often times those questionable decisions leave us with a sense of regret. I’ll be the first to admit that little black butterfly tattoo on my right foot seemed like a great idea at the ripe old age of 17. Now that I’m older all I can do is look back and think to myself, “what was I thinking?!” I’m not the only one with this feeling. At Spa One and The Plastic … Continue reading

#OSCARGLAM 2016: How to recreate my favorite looks of the night at home!

The Academy Awards are obviously one of the most talked about award shows of the entire season. I mean, what’s not to love about our favorite celebrities getting dressed to the nines in fashion’s most drooled over dresses? I will admit, while I love the fashion and the awards, what I really tune in for is the hair and makeup! While it was impossible not to notice Jennifer Garner’s flawless and fresh skin or Rooney Mara’s insta-glam worthy red pout in that Givenchy dress, my absolute favorite looks of the night had to be Saoirse Ronan, Naomi Watts, and of … Continue reading

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