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Times Union: Do-it-yourself approach to spooky looks

Originally published by Kristi Barlette of the Times Union. 



920x920You have the perfect costume picked out for Halloween. We’re talking a look that will have people wanting to pose for selfies with you — and then posting those images to social media where they’ll get more “likes” than trick-or-treaters will get candy.

But an enviable look is about more than the clothes you put on. Oftentimes, a made-up face is what really takes your costume from #fine to #fabulous.

 A session with a professional makeup artist can cost as much as, if not more than, your costume. And securing someone this close to the holiday may be tough. Instead, go the DIY route. Whether you want to be a zombie, skeleton or your favorite Disney character, paint your own face (or have a friend or family member do it for you) and save time and money.

Amanda Filli and Vanessa Torres — two certified makeup artists at Spa One in Albany — offer these tips:

For a child who wants to be a police officer: A quick way to do a beard or 5 o’clock shadow is to use a textured wedge sponge and dip into a brown or black makeup and stipple it on the face. This will give you the look of a prickly “beard” and it will easily wash off at the end of the evening.

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“Day of the Dead” is expected to be a popular costume this year, and the makeup for this one is similar to your everyday look — on Zombie juice. Start with a really light foundation for the base (a few shades lighter than your natural color, but not that fake clown white). Use your eyeliner to create dark circles around the eyes, draw patterns/flowers on your skin and make your lips pop with a bright lipstick.

Not terribly artistic? No worries. You can purchase a stencil from any of the Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to help create patterns.

Looking to channel your inner princess as Elsa from “Frozen”? Use the light foundation (similar to the “Dead” look above) and powder. Make your eyebrows appear thin with a high arch by using a dark eye shadow and an angled brush. Finish your eyes with colored shadow (purple preferred), a dark eyeliner and fake eyelashes. An eyebrow pencil is a great way to dust your face with “freckles.” Go light on the blush and bright berry pink on your lips. Search “Disney’s Frozen Elsa makeup tutorial” on YouTube for a helpful video on mastering this look.

The skeleton is another one you can create (mostly) with products you have at home. All you need is white face paint and black eyeliner. Start with using a creme white foundation and set it with a powder. A foundation brush or a sponge works great for this. Layer the white base with the powder, then move on to shading/contouring. Next, use a black pencil to hollow your cheeks. Create dark contouring under the cheek, hash marks and smudge with your finger to create fading and then move to your temples. You want to black-out your eye sockets by following the line of your eyebrows and then move down, smudging the darkness. For your teeth, start by drawing a black line from the bow of your lips to the bottom of your bottom lip with a sharp liner pencil. This will help you so you can map out each tooth. Following this, you can add white cream to each tooth to really make them pop.

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