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Vein Treatments

More than 50 percent of adult women and men suffer from small, visible varicose veins known as spider veins. Treatment at our Albany, NY med spa can correct these unsightly veins on the face and legs so you no longer have to hide behind makeup, stockings, or long pants.

If you are interested in laser vein treatment or sclerotherapy in Albany, NY, visit Spa One at The Plastic Surgery Group to learn more. Request a free cosmetic consultation online, or call (518) 944-2096 to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained professionals.

Quick Facts

  • Treatment time: 15 to 20 minutes
  • Discomfort level: Mild to moderate
  • Number of treatments: Varies, depending on size of area treated
  • Aftercare: Avoid hot baths, intensive exercise and sunlight
  • Duration of results: Long term, although new veins usually become enlarged over time

Answers to Your Questions

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What are my options for laser vein removal?

The Vbeam laser treatment is the preferred choice for correcting stubborn spider veins. The laser is so precise that the practitioner can select higher energy pulses to target specific areas.

What can I expect from my Vbeam treatment?

Ultra long pulses of energy are directed at the veins. You'll feel a gentle heating of the skin, but prior to each laser pulse, the laser's Dynamic Cooling Device™ applies a soothing protective spray to the targeted skin for ultimate comfort.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is an injection therapy and it is good for targeting larger spider veins.

How does sclerotherapy work?

Using a fine gauge syringe, a highly trained professional injects a sclerosing solution directly into the vein. Once the solution enters the vein, the vein immediately shrinks and begins to collapse. As the blood is rerouted through healthy veins, the collapsed vein is absorbed into surrounding tissue and dissolves over several weeks.

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