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Skin Care Products

One of the most important aspects of skin care is using quality products that are well-suited to your skin's needs. At Spa One in Albany, we carry skin care products developed by some of the leading researchers in skin science. These medical-grade, proven products effect real change in your skin, making improvements at the cellular level. While over-the-counter products may offer some benefits, they usually do not contain the concentration and quality of ingredients that you'll find in the product lines we carry.

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Our team of skilled medical professionals will create a personalized skin care plan that can help you achieve the skin you've always wanted. To visit Spa One at The Plastic Surgery Group, request a free cosmetic consultation using our online form. You can also schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained professionals by calling (518) 944-2096.

Case 1 Before and After Microneedling

In Your 20s

A spa facial or chemical peel every 2 to 3 months can keep skin decongested, reducing blackheads often caused by makeup buildup. Build the foundation of good habits with a gel face wash like those made by SkinMedica or Obagi. Don't forget your sunscreen and eye cream to preserve your youthful skin.

20 years old

In Your 30s

Microdermabrasion or a peel every 6 to 8 weeks can improve skin's texture and reduce pore size. Upgrade your at-home routine with cleanser, toner, and a nightly application of retinol. SkinMedica's HA5® replenishes hyaluronic acid as skin's production begins to slow down. Keep up with sunscreen and eye cream!

30 years old

In Your 40s

It might be time for microneedling, a more aggressive treatment that can smooth out lines as well as reduce brown spots and pore size. SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum® replenishes collagen stores, and a nightly retinol can maintain the results of microneedling. Did we mention you should apply eye cream and sunscreen religiously?

40 years old

In Your 50s

In your 50s, your recommended skincare regimen is similar to what you did in your 40s. Reducing the effects of sun damage is best done with microneedling or peels. Skin may feel drier in your 50s, so skip toner after cleansing. Keep skin hydrated and nourished with eye cream, retinol, and HA5, and of course, keep applying that sunscreen.

50 years old

In Your 60s

HydraFacial® is a great treatment for people in their 60s. By this age, skin is often very dry, and HydraFacial can plump skin and create a dewy glow. Cleanser, TNS Essential Serum, HA5, moisturizer, eye cream, and sunscreen should be the mainstays of your at-home routine.

60 years old

Keep in mind that these are only suggestions based on trends we see at Spa One. Everyone's skin is different, and together we'll create the best regimen for you.

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