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At Spa One, a distinguished member of the Plastic Surgery Group, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest standards of care and innovation in cosmetic laser treatments. With a steadfast focus on enhancing your beauty and self-assurance, our practice provides cutting-edge solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Our commitment to patient needs and care is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We understand that each individual is distinct, and our approach is customized to address specific concerns, ultimately achieving the desired results.

It is in this spirit that we offer two remarkable laser procedures: laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing, each designed to exceed your expectations. These treatments exemplify the fusion of advanced technology and a patient-centric approach, ensuring a transformative experience that leaves you feeling more beautiful and confident.

AviClear Laser

AviClear Laser

AviClear is the first and original FDA-cleared energy device for the treatment of mild, moderate, and serve acne. Engineered with a revolutionary 1726 nm wavelength for all skin types, it selectively targets and suppresses the sebaceous glands, eliminating acne at the source without the need for prescription medications. AviClear specifically targets the source of the oily substance on your skin. After treatment, you will produce less oil, and your acne will get better and stay better.

It significantly eliminates acne in three, quick 30-minute treatment sessions without downtime. AviClear is equipped with exclusive AviCool™ sapphire skin cooling and smart sensors to maximize patient comfort and safety and maintain skin’s temperature during treatment.


Laser Hair Removal

A series of laser treatments can result in permanent reduction and growth of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is a revolutionary and highly effective method for achieving long-term hair reduction. It’s a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that harnesses the power of advanced laser technology to target and eliminate unwanted hair from various body areas. This innovative approach offers a convenient and efficient solution, providing lasting results and freeing individuals from the hassles of traditional hair removal methods like shaving or waxing.



The ideal candidate for laser procedures actively seeks to address specific cosmetic concerns, aiming to enhance their aesthetic appearance. They comprehensively understand the procedure’s limitations and potential results, maintaining realistic expectations.

Furthermore, they enjoy good overall health, expediting recovery and capitalizing on the body’s natural healing processes. Ideal candidates can rigorously follow post-treatment care instructions, including sun avoidance and prescribed skincare routines.

Depending on the specific laser procedure, hair darker than their skin tone (for laser hair removal) or specific skin types may be relevant criteria. A pivotal step involves an active consultation with a qualified professional who assesses individual needs, skin attributes, and cosmetic objectives to devise a tailored and effective treatment plan.


The cost of laser procedures varies by treatment type, clinic location, practitioner experience, and the number of required sessions. Laser hair removal is often more affordable than Pico laser. Prices are session-based, with the total cost contingent on the number of sessions needed, varying from person to person.


To locate a qualified laser provider, look no further than Spa One at the Plastic Surgery Group. Our clinic prides itself in having a team of experienced professionals well-versed in various laser procedures, including Pico laser and laser hair removal. To start your journey toward transformative cosmetic treatments, we encourage you to fill out our contact form.

We’ll gladly provide you with a free initial consultation!

FAQs – Your Guide to Laser Treatments

Are Laser Treatments Safe?
Any medical procedure has some inherent risks, but these are significantly reduced when conducted by experienced experts in a safe environment. Our laser treatments are performed by highly trained and licensed estheticians at Spa One, a professional, sterile, and state-of-the-art medical spa. You will also be provided with specific before-and-after instructions to ensure a successful treatment and recovery.
Are These Procedures Painful?
Both of these laser treatments are non-surgical in nature, and most patients experience little to no discomfort during their appointments. (If anything, they may feel a dull “snapping” sensation.) During your consultation, you and your provider will speak about the comfort features already available with your chosen laser device (like AviCool™ sapphire skin cooling) and if a topical numbing cream would also be helpful.
How Long Do The Results of Laser Treatments Last?
The effects of an AviClear® treatment are meant to be long-lasting, although some patients may need a follow-up treatment after a few years to keep their results consistent. Laser hair removal is permanent since the controlled damage to the hair follicles is designed to stop their ability to grow additional hair in the future.
How Should I Prepare for Laser Therapy?

During your consultation, you will be given directions on how to get ready for your particular laser treatment. Often, these will include:

  • Stop using tobacco and nicotine products as soon as possible, as they interfere with the body’s ability to heal after treatment.
  • Starting two weeks prior, abstain from tanning beds and avoid sunlight as much as possible. When you go outside, wear sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher).
  • For laser hair removal, refrain from waxing and plucking beginning two weeks before. However, please shave the treatment area on the morning of the procedure.

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Spa One combines advanced skin and beauty treatments in a comfortable and safe environment. Our medical spa in Albany, NY, focuses on you as an individual, providing a variety of different options to enhance and maintain your appearance, with our ultimate goal of having you smiling as you leave your visit.


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