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The HydraFacial is a non-invasive treatment for skin imperfections. It combats various signs of aging and sun damage, restoring the skin’s healthy appearance. Spa One at The Plastic Surgery Group offers the HydraFacial in Albany, NY to patients who are in need of a state-of-the-art skin-rejuvenation treatment.

What Is a HydraFacial?

There are many different factors that can damage the skin and deteriorate skin health. These factors include pollution, toxins, wind, the aging process, and sun exposure. These can dehydrate the skin and make it look and feel dull and aged.

The HydraFacial can effectively treat and improve overall skin health. This next-generation medical-grade facial treatment effectively removes impurities in the pores and deeply hydrates the skin.

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How Does It Work?

The HydraFacial uses a combination of hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions, and customized booster serums. As a non-surgical skincare treatment, the HydraFacial works in three stages: It cleanses, extracts, and hydrates.

The treatment deeply cleanses and exfoliates using a water pressure and a gentle chemical peel to remove damaged and aged skin, giving way to a new layer of skin. Using painless gentle suction, it extracts impurities from skin pores. Finally, it hydrates the skin with a combination of moisturizers and personalized nourishing ingredients.

Ideal Candidates

A HydraFacial is recommended for patients of any skin type, tone, and age. Patients with oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or a combination of these can get safe and effective results from a HydraFacial.

Patients with problematic skin issues who have not been able to achieve satisfactory results from other facials are ideal candidates for a HydraFacial. Since it is so gentle, the HydraFacial is also safe for patients who are pregnant or acne-prone.

Your Consultation

Your consultation at Spa One at The Plastic Surgery Group will start by discussing your skin concerns and goals. A physical evaluation will be performed to determine your skin health.

A personalized HydraFacial plan will be created based on your goals and skin condition. The details of the plan, such as aftercare, expected results, optimal number of sessions, and cost, will all be discussed with you. You can ask questions at any time during your HydraFacial consultation.

We’ll gladly provide you with a free initial consultation!

Your HydraFacial Session

The HydraFacial treatment session can last up to 60 minutes. We will cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin, and we will administer personalized booster serums. No anesthesia of any kind is required, and the patient will not feel any discomfort during treatment

How Much Does a HydraFacial Cost?

The cost of the HydraFacial treatment will depend on each patient’s personalized treatment plan. The booster serums and the number of sessions may potentially affect the overall price of treatment.

HydraFacial Aftercare

The patient can go back to most activities immediately after treatment. No downtime or recovery is necessary. Aftercare instructions will be provided.

Acne meds and certain skincare products with exfoliating effects should be discontinued for at least 48 hours. The patient will need to avoid excessive sun exposure and use of tanning beds for at least 72 hours. Medium and deep chemical resurfacing and laser treatments should not be undergone for at least two weeks.

The patient will see significant results in the form of smooth, beautiful, and healthy skin right after treatment. Follow-up treatment may be scheduled usually every four to six weeks, depending on the recommended number of sessions.

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